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Plotbunny: I have to say, I would very much enjoy a TW Sterek Jane The Virgin AU fic.

With Stiles as Jane, and Derek as Rafael, and Kate as Petra (dunno who would play Michael, cause I’m really not sure where the series is going with these characters).


Hey brother, do you still believe in one another?
Hey sister, do you still believe in love i wonder?

This show was phenomenal and I actually cried when it ended, not just because it was ending, but also because - despite being cancelled - that last episode wrapped everything up so wonderfally.

I’ve reached my stopping point for tonight. My steter fic is at 9,000 words total right now. I only managed to write 2,000 words today, and I’ll need to do a lot better if I wanna finish this beast of a fic in time.

I feel like I should tell people right now that there’s no smut or steamy sex scenes in this fic, because the story really just doesn’t call for it. You’ll see what I mean when you read it (if I can hopefully finish, and btw, it’s definitely not a fluff fic either. The things that I write rarely are.)

omfg, there’s only 6 days till Steter week, there’s no fucking way I’ll finish writing this fic…


tell me you don’t love ian bohen


Him and one of his pack mates gave me kisses and let me pet them!


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True Alpha Scott McCall

Adorable Isaac is adorable. 

Note to self: Buy a tube of cookie dough this weekend and eat it raw, because you’re a goddamn adult and you can do whatever the fuck you want.




All this shit’s been going on in the LOK universe, first with Republic City, then the Water Tribes, and now the Earth Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Fire Nation is standing off to the side like: Wow, guys, relax.

It’ a bit strange.

We’ve gone full circle

You realize what this means, right?

It needs to be wrapped up with a movie (and animated movie!), where the Air Nation falls into civil unrest. As a result, the lionturtles give up on humanity as a whole — too much history of war and violence among all the nations. They take back everyone’s bending.

Leaving the Avatar as the last bender, period.

Decades go by, then centuries. The world adjusts.

Bending becomes a myth, until it is almost entirely forgotten.

Fade to modern day where the Avatar’s descendant says, “Hey, y’know what could make a cool idea for a cartoon…”